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Only 12% of BIPOC women occupy seats within the technology field, and Femmecubator strives to bridge that gap through our Women Excel Labs Mentorship Program and our On-demand Mentorship Experience. 

One of the key factors that hinders BIPOC women from even getting in the door at tech companies isn’t the lack of education, but the inability to access a network and mentors. The truth is that BIPOC women in tech pipelines exist, and with your help we can cultivate this community until this becomes the norm.

The Women Excel Labs Program

LAUNCHING SOON! W.E. Labs – Ada cohort will kick off on March 22, 2021. Join us!

An 8-week mentorship program experience in which participants are given a collaborative, team project, guided by our talented volunteer instructors toward its completion. It is open annually to 10 women of color transitioning to a career in UX Design or Software Development.

During the program, participants will also have the opportunity to work one-on-one with a mentor to help expand their networks, develop emerging leadership, receive support and guidance, and help with goal setting and finding resources as they navigate through new careers in the tech field.

And with your help, we can provide a lasting impact in the lives of aspiring user experience designers and software developers. 

Becoming a Mentor at Femmecubator is Easy

Mentorship is a core value at Femmecubator, and for good reason – a resounding 63% of American women have never had a mentor during their career.

 All you need is:

– A sincere desire to be impact a fellow BIPOC woman in tech
– An interest in building community
– Active listening skills
– Team Player
– Empathy
– Ability to see solutions and opportunities
– Flexibility

Mentor Eligibility

  1. Mentors must be fellow BIPOC women or non-binary individual.
  2. Mentors must currently be a UX Designer or Software Developer working on the field.
  3. Mentor must be able to devote at least 1.5-2 hours per month when the mentorship program is ongoing. This is through different formats:
    • 30 minutes 1:1 bookable appointments for UXD mentees and SWD mentees.
    • For UX mentors, attend 1 hr small group sessions for Q + A or offer design critique along with other mentors in the room. UX designers will present their progress for 15 minutes, will allot 30 minutes for feedback
    • For Dev mentors, a 1 hr small group sessions to support mentees on how to improve their techniques and gain exposure to dev workflow, (write cleaner code, system design thinking, CI/CD, testing culture, etc.)

Important Dates

March 23, Tuesday – Program Kickoff

April 23, Friday – Mid-program check in

May 14, Thursday – Demo Day

Download our program timeline here.

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