Women Excel Labs Mentorship

Only 12% of BIPOC women occupy seats within the technology field and Femmecubator strives to bridge that gap through our App Development mentorship program. 

One of the key factors that hinders POC and women from even getting in the door at tech companies isn’t the lack of education but the lack of access to network, and a need for hands on experience and collaboration that so many companies require.

Femmecubator will launch a short term mentorship opportunity for women of  color switching to a career in tech, to gain real world experience as up and coming junior developers and junior UX designers. We will select our first 5 mentees in the Spring of 2021. 

During the program, mentees have a team project and have the opportunity to work with instructors and a one-on-one mentor to not only gain collaborative experience, but when interviewing at tech firms they’ll be able to provide a portfolio that demonstrates their work.

Call for Applications: UX and WebDev grads!

Are you an aspiring software engineer ready to dive into building applications for a social good startup? Or are you a UX designer who recently took UX classes, with cross-functional skills and experience looking to gain experience collaborating in a team environment?

In this role, you will be joining a SCRUM team and will be mentored by a Lead UX Designer and Lead Engineer. This is a good opportunity to work on a client project with a team of developers and designers.

Program structure and benefits:

– Developers will dive into the following tech stack: Mongo DB, Express React.js and Node.js. Get a chance to work in an enterprise team setting, learn the agile product development process and work on client projects.

– UX Designers will be able to immerse themselves in the product development process through weekly workshops and lab work. UX mentors will lead and review your project weekly. You’ll leave the program with a shiny new client project on your portfolio.

– You’ll gain access to our community, and a network of mentors during and after the program.

– A learning stipend of $500

– Subscription to two online courses of your choice. ($40 Value)

Eligibility Requirements: 

Web Developers

  • Must be a recent grad of a Software Development Immersive or equivalent experience.
  • Knowledge with React.js / Redux and basic Javascript programming.
  • Time commitment is required – at least 10 hours a week, and ability to attend 30 minute weeknight stand ups, for 10 weeks.

UX Designers

  • Must be a recent grad of a UX Design Immersive, or have taken a UX 101 class or equivalent experience.
  • Beginner experience with Sketch or Figma is a plus and be able to present at least 1 end to end project.
  • Must have a link to a portfolio.
  • Beginner experience with visual design is a recommended but not required.
  • Time commitment is required – at least 10 hours weekly (4 hours mandatory for workshop and team meetings) for 8 weeks.

Program application period is from January 18 – February 21.



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Spring 2021 Mentorship Launch

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